Concrete Benches

Tony Woods


Even as a child I never chose the easy way – I always challenged myself in everything I did.

I was always good at fixing things so becoming a diesel fitter just seemed to make sense.


My next challenge came when I joined my love of the sea with my diesel fitting career and served my country as a submariner in the Navy for eight years.

I went back to diesel fitting after I left the Navy but I felt that there had been something missing in my career so far – I had no creative outlet.


When I helped a mate create a concrete bench for his outdoor kitchen, it lit a fire in me and I haven’t looked back.


Almost 10 years later I love taking on jobs that challenge my abilities.  I take on jobs that others won’t because I relish a challenge and I believe that you can’t grow as a person if you don’t approach things with a ‘can do’ attitude.